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As I was not the one ordering the wine, and truthfully I rarely if ever order wine by the bottle in a restaurant, I think it was because this was my first experince (ordering wine by the bottle) on a mass-market ship that I even noticed there were no sommeliers.

No, there were no ice-buckets for chilled wine, yes we were chilling our riesling down with ice cubes from our water, yes, the bottle did sit on the tables for extraordinarly long times before they were opned, and yes, the waiter did walk away from the table with the bottle of wine with wine stll in it.

Keep in mind, I am not any kind if wune expert, If I was, I would have asked these things to be fixed right away. It was only after I got really horribe service the next to last night, and was virtually ignored until I complained, that I started thinking about my duty as a reviewer to let readers know what had happened.

In my position, I often learn as much from readers as they learn from me. Then my job becomes one of accumulating all the information and passing it on for future readers. That is what has happened in this thread. I can tell you I am a lot more conscious of wine service on ships now. I just returned from Cunard, and even the "lowest" dining room had sommeleiers and ice buckets for white wine.

Is this enough to ruin a cruise? Of course not. I would say it is about 1% of the entire overall experience, especially on a family oriented ship like this. But dining room service to ME is something that traditionally I have come to expect to be perfect on cruise ships. I have been cruising for 25 years now and my first cruise was on the company that defined lux cruising, Royal Viking. Service has always been the anchor by which I defend cruising as one of the best vacation values anywhere, but if I go on a ship and get less than excellent service, then I have nothing to brag about.

Bottom line, I am not saying this is a bad ship, as it is in the Voyager class which is just a great class of ship. all of the extras like the ice rink, sports decks, Johnny Rockets, hige video arcade, etc, make them wonders of the sea.

I am just saying that the service should have been better, and especially upsetting is that we have sucha hard time resolving problems. That was my whole point.
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