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Originally Posted by rinker250
We are definitely not wearing shorts and tee-shirts in the evening but also like to change from formal wear to casual after we eat.
As long as you are dressed "nicely," trust me ... no one will ask you to leave any of those venues on a formal night. In fact, to be honest, you could probably even get seated in the dining room in less than formal dress, so long as you weren't blatently casual (jeans, tee-shirts, etc.)

I've told this story before ... and at the risk of being boring, I'll tell it again.

I have a tee-shirt ... just a black tee-shirt ... nothing fancy. However, it has reinstones embedded it ... all different colors ... going up the neck line and all over the front.

A nice little black jacket ... maybe something with "sparkles" and a pair of velvet pants, and I'm good to go. Have never once been asked to leave the dining room dressed like that.

And you know something else? I'm often one of the nicer dressed people at my table, so I'm not embarrassed about it either.

Blue skies ...

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