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Default The Gem is a Gem!

I shouldn't gush, but I will! This ship is all that and more! It's been many years since I sailed NCL, on the old Seaward, and I loved that cruise. This brand spanking new Gem, is just a beautiful, contemporary ship. I have toured most of the show cabins, and I just know many of you will be booking the Garden Villa's, at only$8-12,000 pp! I have tried to answer Delfs's questions and a couple more, taking pictures when I could and asking the crew.

The funniest thing for most of the crew, is the snow!! Most have never seen it before. They are all taking advantage of this wonder, by taking pictures, making snow angels, and running in the 4 inches of snow on the pool deck! Its so cute to see tne crew playing like kids...In the Spinnaker Lounge, you cannot look out the windows, it's completely snow covered!
So wierd for us as well, since usually I have a palm tree and a foo foo in the sun, to begin my cruise!

The decor is stunning, in my view, wonderful colors, and the cabin is so smartly outfitted, it will amaze you, with great built ins. We are in a mini suite, and to be honest, it's the nicest appointed cabin we have ever had, configured the right way, inmho.

Well, I just wanted to check in, before we depart, and I will again.

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