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We were on the repositioning cruise too. We had heard that one of the passengers had passed away. Very sad. That does explain why it was so horrible trying to get off the ship. Sure wish they had explained that to everyone, would have made people much more understanding. We almost missed our flight and couldn't understand why it was taking so long to go through customs. Now it makes more sense.

We then were on the flight from Orlando to DFW that made the news when a woman tried to open the emergency exit while we were somewhere over Louisiana. we had to make an emergency landing in Houston so she could be removed from the plane and the FBI could question people about her. Talk about a really long day. It made Oklahoma look good when we finally go there!

Crown is a beautiful ship. Wish we would have had the original poster's weather in St. Kitts! I'm ready to go back on board! Glad everyone enjoyed their cruises.
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