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Default NZ WEATHER !!!

Originally Posted by JerseyLad
Yeah EDS Upper Hutt that was it, bout 40 mins on the train out of wellington. I used to love the train ride to work every day nice sea views!

Haha nnever made it for a cuppa tea but I could usually be found in a bar called hope bros most nights, we became locals there & managed to blag free pool !

Defo heading back there in the next few years I can't recommend the place enough ! My mate ended up meeting a kiwi & moving down south to Invercargill - too bloody cold for me down there I think !
"hope bros" just down the road from Subway?

This a link to NZ weather with great graphics

Invercargill is set for 22 degrees C.

We are getting new train units shortly.

You can't beat Wellington on a good day, because you need to go through so many bad days that the good one is so much better? 8)
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