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Default Re: What to bring on our first cruise?

We just got back yesterday from our Miracle cruise and went to Cozamel & Belize also.

We did the cave tubing through the ship and had a great experience. Lots do it on their own, but I felt more comfortable booking that one through Carnival.

At Cozamel, there was OUTSTANDING snorkeling at Chankaknob. But don't pay the cruise to do it. There are tons of taxis and we paid $15 for 5 of us to go there. It is $12 to get in. And the snorkeling is like swimming in an aquairum. It is unbelievable. We got off the boat at 8:30 and we were one of the first ones there. We got excellent seats by the water and it was people free snorkeling. By the time we left at 1:00, it was packed.

They have snorkeling equipment that you can rent. We had one set of our own and rented the rest. Also, you don't need life jackets unless you aren't a good swimmer. THe salt water keeps you at the top. It's a weird feeling but you float.

We brought our own beach towels, old ones that we had had for years. Then we didn't have to worry about losing the ships ones. And we left them behind when we came home. Room for more stuff that way.

Bring multiple swimsuits, coverups and 1/2 the clothes you think you'll need. Everyone told me that and I didn't believe them. It's true.

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