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Thanks very much trip.

I always leave out of New York now in winter, and in a couple weeks I leave on this baby! I wonder if we will have snow this time. The last two times, in January and Feb, the weather was so amazing, bright sun and in Jan it was actually over 40F! I dont think so this time round!

I am not with a CM group, but what started out to be just the three of us has quickly turned into a large group of friends and loved ones! Kind of funny, after the snow storm this weekend I got an email from some one asking me if I can help her find space, I did with my new TA , so that is just fine! Kind of nice when loved ones and friends aproach you to ask if they can join you, at least you know you aint got stinky feet!

Thank good the holidays are inbetween the cruise, thats fun at least while we wait to finally go!
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