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Originally Posted by david30101
Originally Posted by coconutphil
My only major gripe is that I am not onboard at this moment, but since I have only myself to blame I will mention it no more.

Here are a few loosely related minor gripes (don’t worry, I am not complaining about juveniles):

Most suites have only one bathroom which creates a bottleneck when it is time to get ready to go out.

Along those lines, booking adjacent rooms to create a true suite of rooms cost as much as a suite but does not afford the purchaser the perks one receives when paying for a suite.

Now that CCL gives VIP boarding privileges to repeat customers not in suites, the wait time can as long as going through the regular line, albeit more pleasant.

One last minor gripe: Nosey neighbors who complain about their sore necks and about all the nude sunbathing on my balcony.
How can others see nude sunbathing on your balcony without having to literly lean over the rail to look? Thats the only way to see your neighbor.Sounds like they have a personal problem they need to deal with..Isnt that what balconys are for.."private"?
Why do you think people fall overboard. They were trying to see around the wall bewteen balconies.
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