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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I would certainly hope a suite-buying, repeat passenger would get more respect on board than we did.
I must disagree with this statement. Certainly the suite-dwellers enjoy nicer digs than those who can only afford inside staterooms -- they paid for them -- but outside the living quarters, they should enjoy the same amenities.

Do we really want to see a "class-based society" onboard? Perhaps those in the Royal Suite will be given the right to boot the lowly Promenade-room cruisers out of the prime pool chairs, or perhaps the folks in the Owners' Suite will be allowed to by-pass the line when waiting for a tender? No, thanks! I'd like to think that the ship's personnel treats everyone fairly and provides good service to EVERYONE regardless of the cost of their passage.

I just sailed on Mariner as well, and fortunately I did not encounter these same problems. We ordered a bottle of wine on our first evening in the dining room. I must admit that I am not a wine lover; however, my husband does enjoy it. I couldn't tell you a thing about the quality or temperature of the wine, but I asked the waiter to pour me only half a glass, which he did. He offered both my husband and I a refill later during the meal; my husband accepted, while I declined. The bottle reappeared for the next two nights (until my husband finished it off).

One evening I ordered a mixed drink at dinner, and I did think it was awfully slow arriving.
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