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I have to agree that more and more people are trying to get aboard earlier and earlier, no matter which ship it is.
What a lot of people don't seem to realize is that there are a few thousand that have to be off before they can start letting the other few thousand on. And too, many don't realize that it's not the cruise line delaying the disembarkation --- it's all in the hands of the Customs and Immigration people once the ship is in port. But too, the ship has to be cleaned, refueled, replenished, etc. It takes time.
If they basically didn't have the controls they now have, you could be in your bed on the last morning around 7 or so and some nut would be trying to unlock the door to get into " his " cabin.
I've been on the Mariner and have it booked again for sept. Paul's experience doesn't deter me from expecting a good cruise. I can understand how he feels as sometimes it seems that things just start bad and go to worse. I have felt the same way about the Carnival Victory.
We sailed it when it was new and I honestly would not go back aboard that ship if it were a free cruise but I sail Carnival regularly --just not that ship. I'm going for my 4th cruise on the Glory in a couple weeks. Point is, we can dislike a ship but like the cruiseline.
Anyway, sail on and roll with it.
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