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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by david30101
Originally Posted by MaryLou
I know you have all witnessed men in Speedos on your cruise. It's just my opinion, but I believe they should be banned (for men of all builds!) . There is just too little material in those suits. What do you all think?
I know this post is old, just stumbuled across it. I wear speedos..I find it no differnt then women wearing small bikinis..We may have things that "protrude" and so do women....Think about it...Plus I have the body for one..And im NOT hairy..
What are you....? Lesbian?
We can't judge the worthiness of your speedo without a picture.
well, I tryed to post on here, couldnt find a way for a pic..I have a profile on yahoo and yahoo360 under the name "david_w859" and on flickr under the name david30101. plenty of pics there..To give you an idea..Im 6-5, 160lbs, 29 waist, 36 chest, flat stomach (six pack in making) developed legs,..smooth, no body hair except on arms. tanned..44yo. Not that im trying to brag..Ive go to gym alot even when im cruising..Im the type that eats and dosent gain weight. I can easyly wear a size 2-4 womans skirt...I do agree that most shouldnt wear speedos since most ive seen arent in shape..Since everybody is on vacation they can wear what they want..Dosent bother me, however i encurage it..The more i see others wearing them the more i feel comfortable even though Ive been wearing one the past 20 years or so. Im looking forward to my next cruise..Nice talking to you.
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