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Originally Posted by Marc
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Easy answer, if you travel under a US passport, you concerns are unfounded. Your passport is in YOUR possession at all times.


I always turn in my passport to the ship. This makes it easy for all to clear immigration in each country. In some countries, our passports will be returned to us for the day if local authorities require. In other countries,we are given a "slip" of paper to show officials as we go ashore and return to the ship.

I have been amazed at the number of new stamps in my passport when I collect it at the end of a cruise. I cannot imagine having all passengers and crew to show up at each port of call to have our passports stamped if the ship had not collected the passports.
Well, maybe I should have been a bit more clear in my answer.
looking at your cruise history, well yes, if those are the destinations that OP is planning to travel, then yes, passport would need to be shown, but NOT necessarily turned in and kept by the cruiseline. But then the OP shows in their signature that they are cruising the Panama Canal on Princess in 2008 and I was assuming that is what OP was asking about.
I was assuming, and I know that you should never assume anything, that the OP was intending to cruise the western hemisphere, judging by the countries OP mentioned, than in that case, I stand by my post. On ALL the cruises we took originating and ending in the USA and travelling under our US passports, not once were our passports ever kept by the cruiseline.
Btw, of all the cruises we have taken since 1971, the only times that passports were really held from us is when we visited a few Middle Eastern/African hotspots. Then again, in those situations we traveled by air to the cruise origin using our US passports and as for cruising, we used our EU passports.
Dual citizenship does have its benefits when it comes to cruising.

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