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Originally Posted by Boiler Cuiser

You are correct. My wife and I are going to be on the Island Princess for the 10 day cruise starting on October 27, 2008. We will be embarking at Port of the Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) then will go to 1) Aruba, 2) Cartagena, Colombia, 3) Colon, Panama, 4) Limon, Costa Rica, and 5) Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Other than Cartagena, is there anywhere on this itinerary that the Island Princess captain would want/ need to keep all the guests' passports?

I still say that I would feel most comfortable with my Passport in my pocket when I get off the ship in a non-US port.

What do you think?

Not to worry Gordon, even in Cartagena, they WILL NOT ask for nor will they keep your passport. We were in Cartagena and also in Santa Marta, Colombia at the end of October on an 18-day San Diego to Miami cruise.
AT NO TIME THROUGHOUT THE 18 DAYS OF CRUISING DID OUR PASSPORT LEAVE OUR POSSESSION, NOR WHERE WE EVER ASKED TO PRESENT IT (only at check-in and upon return to the US, that is). As I said above, of all the cruises we have taken that originated and ended in United States territory, not once were we ever aked to leave the passport with the cruiseline. Again, I am assuming that you are both travelling under a US passport.

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