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Default Re: Pictures - Copyrighted???

CherieB.......that's how they are around here. Even though it's "do it yourself" they hover over you. I found out when I tried to make a copy of my son's school photo; doesn't have a copyright, but "looks professional". I have also heard the Carnival will send you a photo release but have never needed it. I buy 1 or 2 formal night 8X10's and 4 wallets to hand out to the grandparents. I also buy the coming aboard photo and, at least, one port photo. That's more than enough for us, as we take lots of our own pictures. The picutres on Carnival are probably so expensive because they print so many and have to toss most of them! I thought I had heard that they were going to start having kiosks, where you could pick out the pictures you wanted printed, but I haven't heard of that since.
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