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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Easy answer, if you travel under a US passport, you concerns are unfounded. Your passport is in YOUR possession at all times.
Not necessarily. Depends upon the itinerary. On my last cruise, a TransAtlantic on the ms. Veendam, they took my passport at embarkation. It was the first time, on any cruise line, where this was done to me. The woman at embarkation explained that because we were stopping at so many foreign ports, it expedited getting the ship cleared to have Holland America in possession of passports. However, we were given a "receipt" for our passport, which had to be returned when we picked it up onboard after our last port.

The wise thing to do in this case is to make a photocopy of your passport's information pages before leaving for your cruise. This way you could have that on you when in port. If you forget, though ... (like I did) ... don't sweat it. The purser's desk will gladly make the copy for you.

Blue skies ...

It has already been determined what itinerary the OP is sailing and it is NOT a transatlantic crossing!

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