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Originally Posted by Marc
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Easy answer, if you travel under a US passport, you concerns are unfounded. Your passport is in YOUR possession at all times.

Captain, the point Kryos and I are trying to make is that your "blanket statement" in your first reply is wrong. There are many itineraries where you have to hand over your passport to the ship. From your picture, I would say that you have lots of cruising experience; however, you probably haven't been a "passenger" on cruise ships wherein this has been mandated.

And the point you guys seem to be missing is that the OP specifically stated (TWICE, just in case you guys missed it) that he is travelling to the Panama Canal from and back to the USA.
And he spefically confirmed that in his second post, if you guys missed it.
Why would you guys mislead anyone by giving them information that does NOT pertain to their specific question? The info I gave to the OP is correct and straight to the point as it pertains to his question.
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