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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by david30101
You dont have to post here..However im not bashfull..I just dont want to open a can of worms on this forum and go off topic...Where is the cruise leaving from that you are going on in a few months? If its from Fla..I may book a cabin on the same ship..I take all my cruises out of Fla since Its closer to drive for me..
I'm a California gal so this is my very first cruise out of Miami I have cruised out of the Los Angeles, San Francisico (Alaskan cruise no speedos to cold), Long Beach, and San Diego before (no flying to these ports). This is also my first Cruisemates cruise. My dad is from Madeira Island Portugal and that is the first port after crossing the ocean so I had to book this one. Visit the family.
Enjoy that trans alantic, I crossed the Atlantic 4 times on navy ships and spend 6 months in the Med..You will like it..
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