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Default T'was The Night Before Christmas 2007

Here my friends, is the 2007 version of The Night Before Christmas, Cruisemates style:

T'was the Night Before Christmas, and all through the ship
Not a creature was stirring, except our very own Trip.
She was filling those stockings hung on each cabin door,
She’d gone shopping all day to get more, more, more!

The CruiseMates were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of more cruises, danced in their heads.
We’d just settled down for a long winter’s nap,
After hubby put aloe vera on my sunburned back.

When outside my balcony there arose a commotion
What could be happening out there on the ocean?
I pulled back the curtains and opened the door
And what I saw there made me fall on the floor!

The moon on the water, so bright and so clear
Showed a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer!
Perched on a barge, they had come a long way
To make sure that our CruiseMates had a bright Christmas Day.

The little old driver, of course was Saint Nick
And he called out our names, oh my, he was quick!
Kuki and Geela! Doug R.! VtJen!
Mehawk! and Marc! Betty and Mike M.!

He then called AR and Angela Z;
The Cruise Maniac, Bill W., and Bobby G,
Phyllbo and Donna, Luanne, Mary Lou,
Katlady, Crazysis, Paul B. and Sue.

His list was long, I listened in awe,
As he called Beennie Weenie and Floridanamaw.
Skymaster, SeaTrekker, Kimmiegirl, and (46)Inis,
James RT, LS80, CruiseNut 2, and our Venice.

He didn’t forget Fasteddie and the two Darlenes,
Ready2gonow, and Redwitch 13.
Keith & Judy, Lynne & Trevor, Lombard and Delft,
Ousoonerfaninbatonrouge, msblackjack and myself!

He checked off his list, didn’t forget anyone,
He knew that the CruiseMates were all so much fun.
Nothing but Blue Skies, Mstill, and Rosetattoo,
And of course Ray & Helen, and Paul Motter too!

Saint Nick, he was jolly, he laughed Ho Ho Ho!
I’ve a surprise for you all, I’m sure you’re dying to know!
And with a smile he said, I have wonderful news,
I’ve decided to give everyone a 10 day cruise!

Well the CruiseMates, they cheered, they yelled and they shouted,
“Thank you Santa?, in you we’ve never doubted.
Then Santa he left, just flew off in the sky,
We didn’t have time to even say “Bye!?

So the CruiseMates all said, before going back to their beds,
Merry Christmas to All, now dream in your heads,
Of the cruises to come, and the fun to be had,
When we sail together, we’re just so glad!

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