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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
They just went up one gangway after another until they found one that said their boarding passes were okay and let them on board. Have been teasing her about it ever since.
On the other hand, I don't believe in the other extreme either, such as needing to have every little thing nailed down in advance.
I'm with you in the second group. I like getting on a ship and "discovering" the layout, all the nooks and crannies, etc. I don't like having all information in advance. Takes the excitement out of it for me.

Your story about your young friend brings to mind my first cruise. I was only onboard because a writer's group I was a member of was having a sea-going retreat. I knew zilch about cruising, zilch about the cruiseline, zilch about the boat. All the info I had was what the travel agent had given me ... tips are optional (Holland America at that time), formal nights I'd have to dress up, and that we would be eating at a group of tables in the "elegant" dining room together.

Well I got on the boat in Costa Rica (missed the embarkation in Fort Lauderdale three days before ... a whole 'nother story). I had spent several hours traveling from San Jose to Port Limon that morning and hadn't eaten. I finally got onboard and escorted to my stateroom. Just about all of the other passengers were onshore enjoying the port. Once settled, I realized I was pretty hungry and didn't know if I'd be able to find something to eat before dinner. I went out into the hallway and flagged down a room steward. I explained my predicament to him and asked if there was any way I could get something to eat at this "non-traditional" time. He looked at me with this bewildered look in his eyes and asked if this was my first cruise. I told him "yep!" He then smiled and said "ma'me, this is a cruise ship. You can eat anytime of the day or night." Then he directed me to the Lido. I had no idea food was available just about 24 by 7.

So, your friend is not the only "clueless" one.

Blue skies ...

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