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Default What to wear where????

Ok this board is really confusing me as to what is proper attire for certain areas.
I got the formal dining thing. I have formal dresses and cocktail dresses, and my husband has his Army dress uniform. Other than that, I am slightly confused. So smart casual he should wear a sports jacket and slacks? I can wear a pant suit? We have that sort of attire. Then casual in the dining room is like a button up shirt and slacks? My husband is a t-shirt guy, so if I don't tell him he can't wear jeans and a t-shirt, he will.
Also, I've seen people complain about dress at the buffet. What's appropriate there? Once again, husband is a t-shirt guy. People say no swimsuits, so what is appropriate cover up? I have board shorts but they aren't exactly lengthy. Are tank tops appropriate cover up for women, or should I wear a t-shirt? What are everyone's thought on flip flops? I obviously wouldn't wear them in the dining room, but I'd wear them about anywhere else.

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