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Well Lou I don't know, but I would think that if you were on a Carribean cruise that everything would be calculated in US Dollars. However, if it were in the Med. it would be in Euros. I think I saw something regarding this on MSC's website. Check it out there and see if the answer to your question is there.

I am having my own fun with MSC right now, and I am trying to sort out some questionable pricing practices I have encountered. They quoted a price to my TA, then when I called in directly for pricing it was $700 cheaper. My TA is madder than a wet hen.

So you tell me how yours works out, and I'll tell you how mine pans out too. By the way, what room were you on, on the Lirica? I am looking for info on the family cabins 9003 and 9006. How did you like the ship?

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