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Ray Stoney
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Default Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Hello fellow cruiser and posters from the Glory Florida/Bahama trot.

When I first posted on another thread I said I was going to pursue reimbursement with my credit card agency which I will not name since it wil probably be "deleted advertisement". I called them then wrote a formal dipute of the charges of the travel portion of the cruise. I included the itinerary, the changes, the reason for the changes, and documented everything I could think of. When I hadn't heard back after 3 weeks I called them to see where I stood. The representative said they had just sent me a letter denying the dispute that CCL stands by their claim that they provided the service I paid for. I calmly expressed my dissatisfaction with the stand that a cruise is a cruise is a cruise and used many of the arguments and analogies I have read from fellow posters on this board. Paying for a Lincoln and receiving a Ford is not receiving the good and service I paid for. We spoke for twenty minutes and the rep agreed with my logic and reopened the case. I also referred her to this very website so she could read how my fellow posters felt.

I paid $4000 for the travel portion of the cruise and received $300 shipboard credit. I told her I was not looking for a total refund as we did receive an enjoyable cruise in most other respects. She asked me what portion of the $4000 I was disputing and I told her I thought $1000 back would be fair and reasonable. I explained that the mechanical problem was CCL's responsibility and they weren't owning up to it. There was no "act of God" or weather related issues out of CCL's control. She said she'd get back to me.

Today I logged into my credit card account and lo and behold, I have a $1000 credit!

If you paid with a credit card with which you have a long term relationship and have excellent credit, give it a try. I still wish CCL did better by us, but this did take the sting off and I''m sure my credit card company has got there attention. Use the big boys to fight the big boys!

Thanks to all the posters, especially Wes (congratulations) and Norman. A community is more effective than the individual.


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