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When the cruiseline "bumps" passengers, do them give them any type of compensation for the inconvenience?

I would think that the cruiseline would help somewhat when it comes to travel arrangements. If they give you advance notice, airline tickets can be changed for $100 or less per ticket. I wonder if the cruiseline takes on this cost or at least give some sort of discount for the rescheduled cruise.

If it is a group that is asking for a certain number of cabins and the ship can only accommodate this group by bumping someone else, then the cruiseline personnel gets on the phone and start to make calls offering all kinds of deals in order to give people incentive to give up their cabins for that particular ship/date.

When a ship is pulled for the entire cruise, I do not believe the cruiselines just calls, cancels and say, "oops, too bad -- oh so sad."
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