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That makes sense to a degree and I see what you are saying, but I can sure see why people who get bumped really get upset and frustrated. Also bear in mind that you can change most airline tickets for $100 or less. But they also can and do charge you the difference in cost on top of the change fee. I am not sure how that would work on our international flights that I am purchasing 11 months in advance. Generally as the time approaches the price goes up. Also we would have to change 8 tickets, Four tickets from Chicago to London and 4 tickets from London to Italy. Thats $800 even if there is no difference in the price of fares. That is a substantially chunk out of my cruise budget. I do not recall them offering that much for a bumped passenger.

I have been called once when they overbooked a ship though and I hope that the next time they call I have the opportunity to take their offer. Last March we were booked on the Sun and I had booked d/h to be working the day after it was to return, so our plans were written in stone. But they called and offerred me a full refund and a free cruise the following week. I had to turn it down, darn it! My parents were coming with us. I should have just let them go lol, then we could have gone a few weeks later without them lol.

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