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Default Vow Renewal

Hi -- if you sign in to you will be able to see the photos.

The Captian of the ship does the vow renewal (and marriages). Unfortunately with the vow renewal you don't get any of the perks you do get with the marriage ceremony (but it's a ton cheaper) . . . . but if you do the vow renewal and have a ton of people cruising with you, I hear they will allow to do it somewhere else on the ship.

We had about 8 people attend and it took place in the chappel on the ship. We found out our appointment time when we got into our room on embarkment day. We immediately went and booked Sterlings Steak house for that evening. I then visited the passengers services desk and ordered a white cake for a table (it was only $1.50 per person) and was beautiful.

Our ceremony was scheduled for 5:15 on the first Monday at sea . . . we met in the chappel at 5:00 and there was a wedding coordinator there with my boquet. She turned on the webcam (because others were watching from home) and some music and we walked down the aisle together.

The Captian performed a beautiful, recommitment ceremony which had very touching words. We had written our own vows too and incorporated them into the ceremony. It was over in about 10 minutes but very, very special. The ship did have a photographer at the ceremony and we asked him to walk out on deck with us so that we could get some pictures with the water behind us.

Since it was a formal night, there were tons of backdrops set up around the ship and we visited them all. All in all I bet we had over 100 pictures to choose from.

The photographer's shop offereed us a few wedding packages to pick pictures from -- $495 for 10 8x10 and 20 5x7 was the smallest package. Everyone on these boards (and on said that the picture prices were going to be outrageous but I didn't think that was too bad.

We also had someone taking pictures with our own camera so we knew we had some great shots because it was digital and we viewed them on our tv in our stateroom.

I would highly recommend the vow renewal ceremony -- for $205 (on Princess), you get the ceremony, champagne, 2 champagne glasses, boquet and boutineer (sp?). It's totally worth it.
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