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I am very claustrophic. I wanted to buy the grown kids the t shirts they wanted from nassau when we went this past May. Not knowing what the straw market was like I followed a very aggressive seller from outside where she found me to the very middle of the marketplace where she said she had t shirts 5 for $10 in good material quality. By the time I was in the middle of the straw market and I paid for the shirts I couldn't get out and started to panic. I couldn't go forward nor could I go backwards that is how crowded it was. The only thing that kept it together for me was I had a small hanging fan on my neck which kept me a few degree's cooler until I could be led out of there by some very considerate sellers who knew I was having a major problem breathing. There was no air at all in there, it must have been 120 degrees inside. There were to many people, booths and items on top of each other. It was the worst experience of my life. Its to bad they didn't make the tent with wider aisles because there seemed to be alot of good island junk to buy if desired but because of the narrow aisles and how everyones booth were plastered on top of each other one could not focus on anything. The sellers were worst than the ones I encountered in Mexico. They were very aggressive! I am going back in April but I won't be going inside that market on that trip.

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