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Hi Neeny,

Let's start with the storage space as that was a cause for concern, which then became a source of jokes for the comedians. Without fail, everyone regardless of the room they had, found that they were desperately short of drawer space. We had a shallow drawers in each of the bedside cabinets, one above the 'fridge - where the hairdrier was hardwired, and one in the vanity unit. We were told, that due to the number of comments, Cunard had recognised that this was a problem, and by now every atateroom is supposed to have a proper drawer unit. We have some friends on their at the moment, so will ask them what the story is now.

As for shelf in the bathrooms, we did hear that some passengers had none, but in our room, apart from the basin top, which was quite spacious, there were 2 glass shelves which we found ample for our needs. So I'm not sure if that was a grade specific problem - we were only in a lowish grade, so I don't see there being less in a balcony cabin.

We also heard that some people had more of a 'walk in wardrobe' type affair for their clothes. We had cupboards, and the only problem we could see was that if the lady was more than about 5'1" (my wife's height) they would have trouble with their long dresses, and the drop height in the cupboard wasn't great.

The main issue we had on board, was that we like soft drinks, so usually buy the soft drinks package. This has been cut back to ONLY the drinks available in the gun, which we find tend to be flat, and too sweet.

The food was great, the service fine, they need a bit more familiarization with the ship, but by August everything should be flowing. Talking of flowing, there were reports of problems with hot water & toilets. We had to run the taps for a while to draw the hot water through, but always got it, and did have one day when our toilet didn't flush, but by the time we wandered to one of the public one's we found that the problem had been solved & all the cleaning staff were checking that they were working.

Most people on board fell into 2 camps, the QM2 fans who liked the new liner & said that they would travel on her again, and those in the QE2 camp (including ourselves) thought that she was going to be a great replacement. We weren't too sure if we were going to like her or not, but will definitely be going back on her again without a moment's hesitation.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you have any more quesitons, please feel free to ask. We'll do our best to reply.

Happy Cruising in 2008 & beyond,

Alan & Katrina

PS Katrina took some 1000 photo's of the Maiden Voyage - I don't think we dare post them all ;o)
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