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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Spoke yesterday personally with the representative of my credit card company. The $1000 credit is on my statement and CCL has 45 days to prove that the reimbursement is not justified. My credit card's position is that I'm due the partial refund and the burden of proof to the contrary belongs now to CCL and not to me. Her opinion is that CCL would have a hard time reversing the credit card company's position at this time. I will, however,keep you informed if this changes.

As I posted at the top of the thread, I urge affected passengers to contact their credit agencies. Win or lose, it is not in CCL's best interest to have credit card companies questioning their business practices. It is the job of credit card companies to ensure that when their card is used to purchase goods and services, that the goods and services are indeed delivered or they will intervene in behalf of their customers.

Good luck all!

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