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Originally Posted by You
Hello to all the Pro's.....I'm thinking about booking a 14 day cruise on the Royal Princess. What can you tell me about about the Royal Princess? Tell me about the cabins. Location of cabins? Tell me about the food. The cruise is jan 6, 2009.
MV Royal Princess is the former MV R8, the last vessel of the R1 class that entered service for Renaissance Cruises at the turn of the millennium. This is the first class of small vessels built to the standards of modern cruising with alternative restaurants and other amenities that we have come to expect. Princess Cruises acquired two of these vessels -- MV Pacific Princess (nee MV R3) and MV Tahitian Princess (nee MV R4) when Renaissance Cruises went bankrupt in 2002 and placed them in service in early 2003. MV Royal Princess operated as MV Minerva II for sister line Swan Hellenic Cruises before coming to Princess Cruises.

Anyway, these vessels really are outstanding and Princess Cruises has done an outstanding job of adapting them to a "pocket-sized" version of Princess's standard product. There are three notable differences between these vessels and Princess's larger ships.

>> 1. There is no "Anytime Dining." These ships have only one main dining room, which operates as "Traditional Dining."

>> 2. There are no dedicated facilities for children, youth, and teens. Nonetheless, these ships do have counsellors aboard to run programs for children, youth, and teens whenever fifteen or more eligible passengers are aboard.

>> 3. These vessels do not have theaters, and the show lounges are not as elaborate as the show lounges on Princess's larger vessels. Thus, they have a different suite of somewhat simpler production shows with less reliance on elaborate lighting and special effects and smaller casts tailored to the existing facilities.

Most of the other facilities are pretty comparable to Princess's larger vessels, but proportionately smaller in size (so, for example, you'll find the same types of apparatus, but fewer of each, in the gym).

And the cuisine is exactly the same as on other Princess ships.

Have a great cruise!

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