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Default Re: What to wear where????


Originally Posted by You
Ok this board is really confusing me as to what is proper attire for certain areas.
I got the formal dining thing. I have formal dresses and cocktail dresses, and my husband has his Army dress uniform.
A military uniform is quite approrpiate for the "formal" evenings. Or course, it should be his "mess dress" ("black tie") uniform.

Originally Posted by You
Other than that, I am slightly confused. So smart casual he should wear a sports jacket and slacks? I can wear a pant suit? We have that sort of attire. Then casual in the dining room is like a button up shirt and slacks? My husband is a t-shirt guy, so if I don't tell him he can't wear jeans and a t-shirt, he will.
The term "smart casual" is inherently confusing because it is not part of traditional social etiquette. The first reference that I have seen to this term was in 2001, when Princess changed to its present dress codes. In Princess's literature, the explanation of "Smart Casual" is identical to the explanation of (evening) "casual" attire before the change -- gents wear a shirt with a collar (no "T" shirt) and slacks (no bluejeans) and ladies wear a top with either slacks or a skirt. More recently, however, posts on this board indicate that Royal Caribbean is using the term "Smart Casual" to mean what Celebrity now calls "Informal" -- gents wear a jacket but not a tie and ladies wear a cocktail dress or a pantsuit.

Originally Posted by You
Also, I've seen people complain about dress at the buffet. What's appropriate there? Once again, husband is a t-shirt guy. People say no swimsuits, so what is appropriate cover up? I have board shorts but they aren't exactly lengthy. Are tank tops appropriate cover up for women, or should I wear a t-shirt? What are everyone's thought on flip flops? I obviously wouldn't wear them in the dining room, but I'd wear them about anywhere else.
I usually wear a shirt and shorts over my swimsuit when going to and from the pool area, so it's no trouble to pull them back on. "T" shirts are fine for daytime wear, but I find it more convenient to bring polo or golf shirts because they pass muster for "casual" evenings as well as for wear during the daytime. Also, flip-flops are acceptable footwear during the daytime.

For ladies, the wraps that are part of a lot of swimsuit outfits geneerally are adequate "cover-up" for the buffet restaurant. If you wear a one piece suit, you can just pull your shorts on over it so it no longer looks like a swim suit.

Have a great cruise!

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