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Default Great answers

Thanks for all the info. - especially Mike - you put your explanations so well.

It was interesting to see the differentiation between a ship being "overbooked" and one that had been fully "chartered". I now realize that the latter is what must have happened to us.

“Once bitten, twice shy? is very real for me. I have investigated several cruises since our demise in 2006, and every time I’ve backed off.

From what you've all said I gather that:
1)Insurance against bumping is not an option.
2)Buying the flight & cruise as a package could
mean that the flight is compensatable.
3)Go with larger ships to avoid charter situation.

Being prepared is my main objective for the next time around, but I guess there really isn't any way to avoid such an eventuality.

Unfortunately I tried Beenie Weenie's "I guess I would just simply be prepared to raise lot's of hell until they see things my way, or compensate me to a degree I am not angry and frustrated, or losing additional money due to them bumping me anymore." and the company refused to back down from their unreasonable offer.

I just have to go with Mike's last remark "The good news is: Both, bumping and canceling occur but they ARE NOT the norm so your chances of being bumped or your ship being chartered out from under you are small."

Thanks again everyone.
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