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Default One of the "weirdest" nights I've had

I was fast asleep, when at 2:30 AM I was awoken by the noise of a BIG THUMP. I got up to find Mrs. Kuki passed out on the bathroom floor.

She came to quickly, and I asked her if she was OK, or should I call 911. She said she was a bit dizzy, but unhurt. But she didn't want to move for a few minutes. After awhile I got her back to bed, and she insisted I go back to sleep. I just layed there, of course, unable to sleep because I was worried about her. Then I smelled a bad odor. I got up, walking around the house trying to track down the source.

I checked our dog Sammy, because he's been "skunked" before, but he smelled fine. Then since it was a rotten egg smell I called the company that supplies our natural gas.... thinking it may be a natural gas leak. They dispatched someone to the house, told me to open some windows and turn off the furnace, and he arrived about 4 AM.

He said he noticed the odor 4 blocks away from the house as he was driving towards us. But his meters showed no signs of natural gas or CO2, but he obviously smelled something in the air in the neighborhood, and suggested that I call the Fire Dept.

I did so, and the 911 operator sounded concerned, and said she'd be sending fire dept and ambulance. I sat down in my office to wait their arrival, and turned on the TV to watch news while I was waiting. After about 4 minutes both the cable tv, and our internet service went down.

The fire dept. arrived and as soon as they got out of their trucks, they said it was a skunk. I explained that my wife had passed out, the gas co. found no leaks, and smelled it as soon as he entered our neighborhood, and that my tv and internet service had gone down.... but they said it was all a series of coincidences, and it was most certainly a skunk close by, and the furnace was drawing the smell into our house.

The ambulance attendants checked out Mrs. Kuki, and her blood pressure, pulse etc. were normal. And she felt OK, other than the lump on her head from hitting the floor when she fell. Though she doesn't remember passing out.

I've put her to sleep, and I'll certainly take her to the Dr. in the morning to have her checked out... I called the cable co. and they said the service for entire neighborhood was down. Took about half an hour and it all came back on. Good thing, because there was no way I could get back to sleep.

But the strange thing is this series of incidents one right after the other was very bizarre, and seemingly coincidental. < cue Twilight Zone music>
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