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Default Re: Need advice for London, England

Originally Posted by CA Cruiser
We are doing our first Europe cruise in August. This is totally new to us so we need lots help from our fellow CruiseMates. We always get travel insurance. For this cruise it is over $500! But it’s better to be safe than sorry especially spending this much $.
1. We are cruising out of Harwich, England but want to stay in London two days before cruise; which airport should we fly into? Heathrow or Gatwick?
2. Do we book our air and hotel or let RCI do it. We have always done these ourselves to get better prices and times.
3. Do we pre-arrange transfers from airport to hotel?
4. Best way to get from London to Harwich?
5. Do we need to get currency for the different ports; Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia? In Canada, we always used our credit card and let them do the exchange for us for a small fee. Should we do the same?
Any other advice or things we need to know?
Insurance is a small price to pay if something should go wrong on vacation
1)LHR is closer to central London but you can get there from LGW also
2)I would book your own it would be cheaper than the cruise line
3)you could take the bus to the Tube or just a taxi if you don't want to pre book
5) it depends on what you are going to do in those countires Bergen we had to get local currency to ride the Floban we used out debit card in the ATM at the bank
Tallin some places take USD but Macdonalds want local currency
Russia takes USD in most places
We just used the ATM in Denmark got enough for food etc for any large purchases use CC.
Be sure to notify you credit card company that you will be travelling so they do not freeze your account
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