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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

I wish youluck,but this may not be the end of it for you. We disputed charges from a limousine company that we paid for in advance. The port was closed and we debarked at an alternate port. The port we were scheduled to debark at was CLOSED due to hurricane Jeanne. The limousine company swore that they sent a car for us, and refused to refund the $220 that we had paid in advance (mistake I know now). The credit card company issued an immediate credit, then reinstated the charges after the limo company disputed the claim. I had to write another letter to explain why we should not be charged for the services we did not recieve. It all ended up well. but it was a pretty obvious that the limo company did not provide the services that they charged us for.

I will not post the name of said company, but will provide it by request to anyone that asks. They are NOT REPUTABLE!

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