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Well, I made and documented my calls yesterday. "Trip" was one knew anything about this! I called my cruise advisor at Southwest who knew nothing of the episode. Then I called HAL who was astonished that anyone would have my information and said that, as long as I didn't agree to the change, I should forget it. Then I called Travelocity and spoke with the young man who called me originally, and he said that my TA was listed as Travelocity! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, none were around. So, since I never gave permission to Travelocity, I've decided just to drop it. On the otherhand, I think that I'll call Southwest and/or HAL to check my cabin number just to make sure that it hasn't been changed. I already have all of my travel documents. This entire incident has truly been bizarre, and I do hope that nothing else happens before February 9th to complicate my first cruise. Thank you everyone for walking me through this.
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