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Thanks Luanne,

Athough we do mostly family activities together and have a great time, I would like my 13 yr old son to be able to do something with other teens. His brother and sister are over 18. It has been very difficult finding info about the Circle C program and activites for the 12-14 age group, specifically on the Conquest. It seems like there is a dedicated space for Camp Carnival, the 2-11 group, and then there is a dedicated space for O2, the 15-17 older teens. But nowhere on the ship can I find just where the younger teens are supposed to do their activities. I have found conflicting info about whether Carnival will or will not allow teens to move up or down from one group to another. Since we will be traveling on the January 13th sailing, I imagine there won't be that many young people. Anyone else have any recent experience with this?
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