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Default Re: Where do i get summer clothes in January?!?!?!?

Wear your summer clothes - no one knows you, and you will never see them again... only those traveling with you.
If you wear a size xl - I'll mail you some of my summer clothes.
I have the same problem - except I need warm clothes for Feb. I have no winter clothes. Our cruise is to Antarctica.

Originally Posted by cazz
So, we leave in a month and 4 days for the Caribbean, but I live in South Dakota...pretty much the opposite of the Caribbean! I want some shiny new clothes for the trip and also need a bathing suit. How do I go about that? Not sure I have time to do the on-line shopping thing, 'cuz if things don't fit, I don't have time to send them back and buy again. Also, I don't have any friends my size who are close enough to ask if I can wear their swimsuit. There may be no good answer to my question, but I appreciate anybody givin' it a shot!
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