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What if someone has an accident on board slipping on a floor or something like that? Do they still charge? I ask becasue when I was on the Pride a couple years ago.....when you walk from the pool to the restroom the floor right inside was so slick that I saw many people fall, one guy even banged his head so hard he started bleeding. I know you should wear a shoe, slipper, or flips but sometimes things happen. would they still charge you for that? I never got to see that guy again on the cruise and what happened with him or what it may have cost.

Do you really think the Insurance is a must? I've heard that you have to submit so much paperwork to "prove" you couldnt go that its almost an impossible hill to climb and many just say to hell with it and eat the loss.

I can see where its cut and dry if you do the air through the cruise line and due to being delayed is nothing you could do to arrive on time.....but I would never take air through the cruise line because you are at their mercy with two or three connections......I prefer to pay the same or even a bit more for a non-stop the early morning of the cruise.

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