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My t-shirts were cotton as were my long sleeved shirts. The hoodie was purchased in VC before the cruise, so i'm thinking that it is at least 50 % cotton. I wore heels for formal nights on the cruise, the dress had short sleeves, so I had a wrap to put over my shoulders. Hubby and I purchased fur hats and he wore his when we were at college glacier. He made a big hit. I'm not a sandal or flip flop person. It was good walking shoes and boat deck shoes. Friends that were with us, had fleece jackets and they were OK. My friend is also not a cold weather person. Gee she won't even come with us for a football game and it's only going to be 20 degrees.

Yes, layer your clothing.

We did a 10 day land package after the cruise and everything that I had for the cruise did for the land package. Denail national park was a 13 hr round trip into the park and it was great and it was warm about 65 degrees or a little warm.

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