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Default Re: Mercury San Diego-Hawaii


Originally Posted by You
My husband and I are going on the mercury in Oct leaving San Diego to Hawaii and returning . It is our first time on the Celebrity cruise. But have been on the Royal Carribean,Explorer of the seas.last year.
Just a bit worried about sea conditions and weather in Oct in the crossing.
Open waters obviously can be rough if a storm kicks up, but the tropics of the Pacific -- where your cruise will spend most of its time -- are not notorious for roughness. When I did a similar cruise aboard GTS Infinity in October-November 2006, the ship's motion was noticeable only if you sat where you could see the rails moving against the horizon. In fact, I think that the ship's officers must have retracted the stabilizers because the motion was so gentle!

Originally Posted by You
Also are you allowed to take bottles of drink on board when you get on.?
According to Celebrity's stated policy, you may bring aboard two (2) bottles of wine per cabin for consumption therein at embarkation. The policy states that the ship will store all alcoholic beverages purchased in ports of call until the last day of the cruise, though that practice seems to be limited to "duty free" purchases in practice.

Originally Posted by You
One more thing do they ever give upgrades once you have already booked.?
In eleven (11) cruises with Celebrity, I have yet to receive an upgrade.

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