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Default Re: What are the benefits of booking w/ TA?

Originally Posted by jTexans
Prices seem to be the same whether you book online with the cruiseline vs TA website.

But, what are some of the perks that the TA might give you if any?

thanks in advance.
I can tell you what the biggest drawback is:

If you book thru a travel agency, the cruiselines will protect that booking like the Holy Grail, anytime you have a question and need an answer, you have to go thru the travel agency you used to get that answer. The cruiseline will NOT even talk to you about anything, they will just refer you back to the travel agency you used for that booking. Many travel agencies, once they have your money, you'll have a hard time getting them to respond to even the most basic and simplest of questions. Google is your friend about this topic, do a search and you'll see what I mean.
And some of those travel agents out there, you better do your homework about them, before you give them any of your hard-earned money. As you can see, the Captain ain't NO big fan of travel agents in general.

Having said that, there are a few, and I do mean a very few travel agents out there who are worth their weight in gold. Over the many years and cruises we have taken (we have done 50 cruises so far) we occasionally use a travel agency which has both a brick and mortar location and a internet presence to book some of our cruises. This agency has been outstanding and always managed to get us rates and deals that are not generally available to the public, many even cheaper than military or last-minute rates. But when we book thru this agency, we have already done our homework and know exactly want we want, we just need someone to do the booking for us.

Good luck!

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