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I've had a bit of seasickness on every cruise so far, and we're booked on the Conquest again in just over a week. Cruising is always worth it!
My problem seems to come in the evenings, after dark, when the ship is going faster. In the past I've used the bracelets and ginger, and only take meds when I'm begging from the bathroom floor for someone to put me out of my misery.
The bracelets do seem to help quite a bit, as does the ginger. The ginger is especially good when you're not keeping anything else down. Also, when you start to feel the queasies, get out on the balcony or go up to the open deck and look out at the horizon. The fresh air helps, plus it gives your brain a chance to "orient" itself to the motion.
The pills work great, but they can make you very drowsy which is why I'm very reluctant to take them. Today I'm going to visit with my doctor and hopefully we can find a solution that will work for me without the drowsiness.
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