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Hello Lindsay

I really liked your posting for future travel companions...

I'm a SWF, 40ish, non-smoker, light drinker; somewhat more introvert than extrovert; in fair shape, but I do eat healthy and am not averse to spending time in the gym; college-educated, medical professional; liberal minded and not into discussing politics or religion.

I've travelled a lot, and there are still a great many places I want to visit. I'ved travelled alone, and I enjoy my own company; I've also had great times travelling with family, friends, and newly met travel companions. It's great to be able to share travel expenses, even more so when you can have a pleasant dinner and cocktails with interesting and fun people at the end of the day.

At least twice a year I get together with an unusual group, a great bunch of alternative minded people. I guess you could call some of them geeks; at least one of our group goes by the name "geekers". We've gone on at least 4 cruises so far (between 55-125 of us on each cruise).
I've brought non-freaks along at different times, and they have felt quite comfortable and had a great time. The group even sets time aside on board for games; I wouldn't be surprised if Warcraft might be one of the many that they enjoy. (they also play Lunch Money, Life With Master, Fluxx and other such). One of the group, from the UK, creates games actually.

Cruise #5 is this fall, 10 days to the Mediteranean, and I don't have a travel companion as yet.

I am not a hot weather lover, but all the previous cruises have been to hot destinations! I go for the company, and because I've never been to some of those places, and I always find cool things to do and to challenge myself. I've climbed Dunn"s River Falls, and on this last cruise went Helmet Diving in 15 ft of water (I don't even swim). These were things I chose for myself to do, and I am so glad I did---so cool!!

Much as I enjoy the group, I cannot be with them constantly, and actually look forward to the sanctuary of the cabin for peace and quiet, to read or relax; I enjoy a certain amout of quiet time to myself. Not looking for romance or cabin overnights, or wild escapades.

When traveling, I like to walk around places, see and do as much as I can; art, museums, historic places, scenic views, even the touristy stuff.
I'm more likely to be shopping for day of the dead figures, while everyone else is buying jewelery, but I buy other touristy crap too.

I have many interests that take me to many different places; I've gone on some paranormal conferences in the past few years, and along the way I've seen the King Tut exhibit, Mt St Helens, the St. Louis Arch,
Alcatraz prison, the Liberty Bell. This past fall I also went on the Dracula Tour in Romania--it was my second time. So it's not all cruising!

I love film, french language and culture, well, most of European culture acutally; halloween, comedy, reading, art, writing, history; eclectic taste in music.

Some of the places I'm hoping to visit in the near future:
Egypt (Nile cruise?), Japan, and most of the orient, Alaska, more of the Carribbean and more of Europe, India, French Polynesia, Hawaii, as well as pursue my other travel interests. (Like maybe the Moosefest, a gathering of people who are fans of Northern Exposure) as well as more paranormal conferences. And of course, some more cruises.

You have had so many interesting replies! There should almost be enough people here to start a girlfriend getaway group!

Hope I didn't ramble on too much---and maybe I'll hear back from you

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