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Originally Posted by momofmeg
Kukli how doe sthis ship compare to the Constellation? I will be on Westerdam the sister ship in April.

I understand there is a charge for the spa pool. Do you know how much?
In some ways the Connie and the Zuiderdam are comparable... in that both are slightly worn, and can both make use of upcoming dry docks. In other ways they are difficult to compare, at least until I have a full cruise on this ship "under my belt". I hate drawing conclusions mid cruise.

Both ships have passenger friendly layouts. Our cruise in Dec. on Constellation was near to perfect, and that was reflected in the review I wrote for CruiseMates. Hopefully I'll feel the same about this ship when we leave her.

I'm personally not a spa person, but I'll get the answer to your question... if some of the experienced Mariners here don't beat me to it.
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