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As for other cures, Mike, I find the wrist bands to be very effective and have used them for years. But they are only for mild cases of onset, certainly will not prevent motion sickness.

The mythbusters found ginger root to work in a blind placebo-challenged study. That is pretty good. But it doesn't work for me. It was something like 60% effective.

There are aroma-therapy prophylactics out there, but they did nothing for me.

I personally always recommend meclizine - though many people use the scopalimine patch with no side effects. Though for many it does have side effects.

My wife who will not take any medicine ever will take meclizine when she knows nothing else will work - but she tried all the natural things first; ginger, wristbands, essential oils, even tobaccum.

FYI: the main difference between dramamine and meclizine is drowsiness. Meclizine will make you a little drowsy, but it does last for 24 hours, so take it before bedtime and feel good the next day.
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