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Default Dragon's Breath Flight Line - Any one done this?

Sailing on Liberty of the Seas in March 2008 and wanted to determine if anyone has participated in the "Dragon's Breath Flight Line" tour? If so, could you answer a few questions?

1. How do you get to the top of the zip line to depart? Do you have to walk up lik 25 flights of stairs or are you driven up?

2. Is it really one ride on the zip line from point A to point B? If so, about how much time do you spend "actually" doing the zip line?

3. The picture of the tour on the website shows "multiple" lines, does this mean that people can almost "race" each other at the same time on the way down?

4. Would you recommend it/is it worth it? Keeping in mind, I've done the zip line tour in Belize and Jamacia already.

Any feedback you might have would be great -- Thanks!
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