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Default Re: Laundry Facilities

Originally Posted by wwstn20fl
Hello Cruisers, My husband and I are cruising to Hawaii on March 17th on the Diamond Princess. Very excited!!
I was wondering how much it cost to do a load of laundry and if they supply the detergent and fabric softner sheets or do you buy that too and how much?
I also heard that if you where a platinum member that princess would do your laundry for you, Is this true?
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Aloha![/i][/b]
Just to save the hassle of rounding up enough quarters and taking a chance that the machines will not be out of soap we just throw some powdered laundry detergent in a baggie and bring it with us.

We were on a b2b two years ago in Alaska and I can't say how we appreciated those washing machines! Having a self-service laundry on board let us just bring enough clothes for 1 week and then on "turn around day", we just washed all of our clothes and started all over again.
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