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Default South American Cruise Around the Horn

Thank you so much for your review of your cruise. I sailed the Golden Princess last yr to the Bahamas. Your review of the South America cruise was helpful to us in deciding whether we should take it or not. We are planning to use NCL for this.???? having them book the air for us. We will be leaving from NY. That's where we are having reservations about going. They won't say how they plan to route us and how much time we will be spending at the airport waiting to change planes, etc. Also at the end in Buenos Aires we were told previous groups were booked on the "red eye" which means spending the whole day waiting. Supposedly we could choose to take one of the shore excursions offered, but what happens to our luggage. Do we take it with us or do they tag it & send it ahead to the airport? We will not be able to tour Buenos Aires on our own because we will not have a visa. We will have to think some more!!!!
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