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Originally Posted by jacdenv24
Kuki-enjoying your daily posts-very informative and amusing! One question-what's this immigration thing in St. Thomas? Even though I'm a Canuck like you, I realize that St. Thomas is part of the U.S. but we were there 2 years ago and didn't have to do immigration. Is it just for us "foreigners" or for everyone? Enjoy the rest of your cruise-and the upcoming one!
Because the ship went from Tortola BVI, to St. Thomas USVI, everyone has to go through Immigration, not only us Canucks, but even the Americans. This has been something new for them for a couple of years now. Remember when we were the only ones who had to do it.

You probably didn't have to go through Immigration 2 years ago, because the port before you reached St. Thomas was no doubt a US I right? It's only when they go from a non-US port to a US port that Immigration is required. Stupid, I know, but now that everyone has to do it, I doesn't bother us as much as it used to.

Kuki - enjoy your day and the festivities on HMC tomorrow.
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