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Hi...let me say that you can't compare Disney Cruises to Royal Caribbean. They are two totally different products. Disney is specifically designed for families and they are top notch. RCL is completely different. Since your kids are young Disney is a wise for picky eaters...hate to say it but thats your fault. Don't expect the cruise line to make ur kids eat. The rule in my eat what is put before you. There are too many kids in this world that are starving to complain about food. I've been on both cruise lines and out of 42 cruises....I have to say that Disney was probably the most enjoyable. The last RCL cruise....on the Legend of the Seas....ship was beautiful.....service was good but the food wasn't anything to write home about. The food on Disney was much better. Oh and don't forget the rooms on Disney are much bigger than on RCL. Again for us we really enjoyed Disney and plan to go again soon.
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